Nascent Pottery
I first learned about ceramics in a high school art class, for which I made a
sculpture that was awarded a blue ribbon in the high school art fair. I also
learned about making wheel-thrown pottery in another high school art class and
enjoyed that immensely. Though that was an encouraging beginning, my career
took a different path, but my interest in pottery continued.

While in college at the University of Louisville (Kentucky) pursuing degrees in
Botany and Mechanical Engineering, I took two semesters of ceramics under the
instruction of Tom Marsh. Tom told the class stories about his apprenticeship at a
Japanese pottery studio, among other adventures in pottery.

During a career with NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, I focused
on my job as an engineer. In 1990, however, the Alabama Clay Conference was held
at Alabama A&M University, near Huntsville, and Tom was  the featured potter.
After the conference I made a few pieces of pottery and bought a kiln, but in
recent years I have pursued pottery-making more fully, making and selling my
work, teaching classes and workshops, and, generally, having a lot of fun playing in
the mud! I hope you enjoy seeing my work (or using it if you’ve purchased some) as
much as I enjoy making it.
About Paul Wieland
Demonstrating making double-walled vessels
I teach classes and workshops
to adults, teenagers, and children,
individually and in groups. Clay
techniques taught include
hand-building, decorative tile
making, and beginning through
advanced wheel-throwing.
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information and current schedule.
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