Nascent Pottery
Paul teaches adults, teens, and children from beginning through advanced level
in hand-building and wheel-thrown techniques. Individual instruction is available
as well as classes such as the following:

The Mystique of Double-Walled Pottery
Learn the techniques for making double-walled vessels, which have been
described as exhibiting a "tension between the sculptural and functional nature"
of ceramics. In this workshop students will learn the basic technique and
variations that will enable creating a variety of double-walled pieces. Twice the
possibilities with double-walled vessels!
Two 2-hour lessons. $75/person (includes firing and glazing for up to 3 pieces).

Put a Lid on It!
Lids on pottery serve a variety of purposes, from keeping food warm in serving
bowls to helping maintain freshness of stored food. This workshop covers basic
styles of lids, techniques for making them, how to ensure a good fit, and different
types of handles for lids.
Two 2-hour lessons. $75/person (includes firing and glazing for up to 5 pieces).

Service for Four (or More!), Making Dinnerware Sets
Building on the skills learned in beginning and intermediate wheel classes, in this
class students will learn tips and techniques for making matching pieces of
dinnerware, including bowls, plates, covered dishes, mugs, and either goblets,
salt shakers, or oval pieces. This class will improve your skills, and you’ll have a
set of dinnerware, too!
Six 2-hour lessons. $200/person (includes firing and glazing for up to 20 pieces).

Big Bamboo! Making your own tools
Sometimes the tool you need just isn’t available. What can you do? Make your
own tool! In this workshop, learn how a piece of bamboo or scrap metal or
plastic can be made into just the right tool.
One 2-hour lesson. $15/person

Classes and Workshops
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